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how much does it cost to go to ponce puerto rico for vacation?

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how cheap of a deal or how much does it cost to go to ponce puerto rico for vacation im trying to get a idea of how much it will cost me for the entire trip so if any one knows please let me know thank you

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  1. Well that depends on a few things. Are you staying with family or do you need to stay in a hotel? How long are you staying? Where are you flying from? You will need to add up the hotel cost & the airfare & maybe a car rental. Then bring enough money so you can eat out, sight see & shop. Prices in PR are comparable to the US.

    Here are some of the hotels in Ponce, including a Hilton & Holiday Inn. You can see the prices to get an idea of what you will pay:


    Ok check out sites like orbitz & hotwire or even the airlines site for good airfare prices. You can fly straight to Ponce airport (PSE), but they only have nighttime flights from JFK & Newark or you can fly to San Juan airport(SJU) & then rent a car & drive to Ponce. I would reccomend renting a car anyway because there isnt much transit outside of San Juan. Thrifty & Payless near the San Juan airport charges about $30 per day for a comact car. Or you can get a taxi from San Juan to Ponce but it will be around $100, or you can look for a ‘Publico’ which is a van that takes people to certain places for cheap price.


    Ponce is the 2nd largest city in PR. It is charming & has nice sights to see like Seralles Castle, Tibes Indian Park & The Historic Fire Station. You can go to Guanica dry forest or to Caja de Muertos. There are some nice beaches in this area including Gilligan’s Island. Check out these sites for more info on Ponce:


  2. That depends from where you are coming to Ponce, PR. I bet that if you come from California to Ponce it will be expensier than if coming from Ny or florida to Ponce.

  3. Don’t no!!!!!!

  4. dude i will be honest with you, have you thought about couchsurfing??? that’s when you go to any of these to web pages ( or ) sign up and meet a lot of locals (which names, adresses and phone numbers are verifyed) anxious to host you at their own place or to show you around their countries. I personally think its a great idea with a bigger purpose, but just suggesting. Think about it. check it out.

  5. where in Ponce…what do You want to do/

    check these sites

    Puerto Rico

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