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How should I deal with in laws who invite my wife on a vacation without me?

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9 comments to “How should I deal with in laws who invite my wife on a vacation without me?”

  1. your wife should tell them, they will take it from her much better

  2. you should talk to your wife, you are family now too and they should include you in what they do!!!

  3. If they do that, they’re telling you that “you’re not part of their family.” If it was me, I would accomodate them and never be with their family. I would have my wife visit them alone.

    Your wife has an extremely ignorant family.

  4. You deal with it by telling your wife it bothers you and that her accepting the invitation without you is cruel. Your main problem isnt the in laws it is the communication between you and your wife. All she has to do is say she wont go without you. If she is going without you then something is wrong with your marriage.

  5. sounds like your wife needs to say if my husband can’t go neither can i.
    she needs todeal with her parents or who ever
    just like you have to deal with you parents , when they have problems with her

  6. Is there a reason that you can’t go? Are they going somewhere you would not enjoy going? And have you told your wife how you feel? Have you told the in laws that you are married now and you enjoy vacations too with your wife.
    Do you feel left out? Then you need to speak up and do it now. The longer you wait the harder it will be to tell how you feel. They might not know you want to go. So speak up..

  7. If your wife spoke up and told them she wouldn’t go unless your were invited (pay your own way) then she won’t go.

    Or go on a vacation the same time she does by yourself somewhere. See how your wife likes you going away without her.

    My husband did that to me after we were married .. Said don’t get mad I am going fishing in Florida with my friends for a week….I didn’t get mad. While he was away I booked a trip to the Bahama’s with my girlfriend .. When he came home I told him and a few weeks later went on the trip.

    I took another one with my daughter to Jamaica 7 months later. He got the point. After that we went together on all of our vacations. Darn it…lol But you get the point.

    Good luck..

  8. Plan a vacation of your own,,,that should get the point across to all parties involved….ps. Have fun too

  9. Your wife needs to deal with this. They are dissing you and she needs to be the one to say it is not right and that she won’t be going without you.

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